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The Community Development Project's Business Advisor will work closely with national staff to pursue income generating activities in the context of the project's development work. This will involve home-based business ventures that project beneficiaries engage in. This person will advise beneficiaries on business ventures and teach how to analyze markets, risk, etc. The project is also beginning income generating ventures with the aim of long term financial sustainability of the project as a whole. The advisor will use his/her business skills to guide current endeavors in livestock rearing and vegetable sales, as well as researching and pursuing other areas of business.



Personality Issues/ Cultural Considerations::

The following points highlight some of the changes most of us have experienced in adjusting to Bangladesh.


If you always have to have your private space…If you do not like to eat rice, drink tea and talk to people…If you cannot handle prolonged periods of high heat and humidity…If you always have to know what is happening and why it is happening…If you cannot handle interruptions, schedule changes, and some degree of chaos…Bangladesh will change you. Most of us end up learning to appreciate and love the people of this country, their language, their food and their culture. Most of us also have had some significant struggles along the way. Come prepared to be challenged in many ways; it's worth it!

Organisation SIM Suisse
Typ Job
Dauer Langzeitjob
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Asien
Land/Länder Bangladesch
Berufsfeld Missional Business
Anforderungen Experience in business management is highly recommended.
Mindestalter 25
Finanzierung Freundeskreis
Kontakt Malika Houmard
032 345 14 44