Reporter/ Photojournalist (Writer--Promotional Materials PRF 8243) Bei Interesse PRF Nr. angeben

Contribution to Strategy:

The Centre "Handicaps en Avant" and Mahadaga Medical Center are two well established medical ministries in the Mahadaga area with numerous opportunities to express God's love to a wide variety of individuals. Both centers are SIM projects and are supported by many individuals and organizations, both in prayer and in finances. Providing an up-to-date newsletter would keep present supporters, partners, stakeholders, and the broader SIM community well informed and connected to the ministry and has the potential to raise awareness and support, both in prayer and financially, among new readers.

Ministry: BP- Writer/Editor


Responsibilities: The promotional writer has two primary functions. The first is to gather stories and pictures in order to create monthly, quarterly, and annual reports and newsletters for the Centre "Handicapes en Avant" and for the medical center in Mahadaga. Second, the writer will undertake the training of a Burkinabe employee in each of the two organizations to teach them necessary writing skills such as story forms, report writing, and style requirements.


Ministry 2: BJ- Photojournalism

Other Ministry Possibilities: Evangelism to adults or children through our outreach programs, childrens programs, and Sunday school, web page development, including the medical center in Piela in this newsletter or look at developing a separate newsletter there.

Future Plans: If an expatriate missionary is required to fill this position, what plans are there for a national to be trained and developed to take over this role in the future? This short-term missionary would be asked to train national replacements. The length of term (1-2 years) is set so that the term will be long enough for training purposes.


First degree required.

Required training: BS or BA

Recommended Experience: Journalism or public relations

Organisation SIM Suisse
Typ Einsatz
Dauer bis 2 Jahre
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Afrika
Land/Länder Burkina Faso
Berufsfeld Verwaltung
Sprachkenntnisse französisch: Muttersprache /fliessend Note: We are looking for a Francophone writer; someone who will be able to master different writing styles and put together compelling stories.
Anforderungen First degree required. Required training: BS or BA Recommended Experience: Journalism or public relations
Finanzierung Cercle d'amis
Kontakt Malika Houmard
032 345 14 44