Dringend!! Missionsarzt für Krankenhaus (hospital Physician -- 1 LT, 3 STA- URGENT PRF 1461) Bei Interesse PRF Nr. angeben

Contribution to Strategy:

At present the hospital operates a general clinic which operates all day Monday to Wednesday and Fridays. On Thursday there is a small staff for urgent cases and on Thursday mornings there is a separate diabetic clinic with patients from all the major towns in the north of Benin. There are 3 routine operating lists a week plus a morning of eye surgery. Children are seen in a separate clinic at the side of the main dispensary when staffing allows and at present we have a part time pediatrician who sees children that the medical assistants cannot see in the mornings. In the afternoon, these cases are referred through to the general clinic. Tuberculosis is diagnosed in the general clinic and the patients are then referred to the isolation ward at the side of the main hospital for treatment as inpatients or outpatients. Here there is a major need to train a number of national staff to develop this service with the probable future epidemic of HIV related TB in mind. The HIV/AIDS epidemic does not yet seem to have a real grip in the north of Benin with less than 5% seroprevalence but we can only expect this to come in the near future. I would guess less than five years. The treatment of AIDS is integrated into the work of the hospital at present but if and when the isolation ward is rebuilt, there may be scope for a combined TB/HIV unit if enough staff with the right interests are present.

Ministry: HM- Physician, Various Specialties

Responsibilities: Inpatient and outpatient duties caring for adults and children, including weekly diabetic clinic, care of hypertensives, tuberculosis program and AIDS program. Includes training national staff. In addition to 1 long term physician, up to 3 STA physcians are needed. STA term should be a minimum of 6 months.

Organisation SIM Suisse
Typ Einsatz
Dauer bis 2 Jahre
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Afrika
Land/Länder Benin
Berufsfeld Gesundheitswesen
Sprachkenntnisse Französisch: Kompetent, englisch: basic
Mindestalter 25
Finanzierung Cercle d'amis
Kontakt Malika Houmard
032 345 14 44