Administrative Assistant (Ref. S1512004)

SEND International shares the good news of Jesus Christ and plants churches among the unreached through a broad scope of methods and ministries. This opportunity helps reach that goal. SEND International is an evangelical mission agency with workers from many nations.



Host couple to live on-site and oversee day to day operations of the Anchorage guest house

Specific tasks:

•Live on-site

•Oversee day to day operations

•Go beyond simple operational considerations and provide an atmosphere of encouragement and spiritual renewal for village missionaries

•Provide assistance in transportation, expediting, and other hospitality services as needed

•Oversee basic maintenance of the guest house property


Additional information:


The SEND North guest house exists to provides accommodations and logistical support to SEND North village missionaries traveling through Anchorage.

Organisation SMG Schweizerische Missions-Gemeinschaft
Typ Einsatz
Dauer bis 1 Jahr
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Nordamerika
Land/Länder Kanada
Berufsfeld Verwaltung
Sprachkenntnisse Gute Englischkenntnisse
Anforderungen A humble spirit and willingness to serve in an often tedious behind-the-scenes role
Mindestalter 20
Kosten CHF nach Absprache / monatlich
Finanzierung Selbstfinanzierung, persönlicher Freundeskreis
Kontakt Kurzzeiter-Administration
+41 (0) 52 235 3252