Staff Worker to be Seconded to GBU for Discipleship

Contribution to Strategy: Have you got a passion for students? How would you like to see students living and speaking for Jesus in the universities across Benin?


Groupe Biblique Universitaire (GBU) is part of International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) (www.ifesworld.org) and has a desperate need for 1) young graduates to serve alongside their current staff, and 2) those with experience in student ministry to help develop existing student ministries. Two such ministries have begun in both the south and north of Benin. As SIM Benin we want to serve them by seconding a few student workers to them.


The purpose of SIM Benin is to glorify God while working in cooperation with local churches in various ministries throughout the country. Benin has two universities, the largest in Cotonou (Calavi) and the other in Parakou, but they are also starting to put smaller, branch campuses in a number of different cities around the country. These university centers are ideal locations to meet and build friendships with university students.


These young adults are often coming from a village into a city center and, along with all the changes, they are also being exposed to new teaching and ideas from the professors and fellow students. Many are open to listening to the gospel as they face this new time of change, challenges, and questions. The objective of this ministry is two-fold: 1) to reach out to non-Christian students, and 2) to help and encourage Christian students in their walk with the Lord and as witnesses to their fellow students.


Ministry: YS- Student Ministry

Responsibilities: This role would entail training and equipping students in both evangelism and discipleship. They currently have Bible study groups going, but they are weaker in reaching out in mission on their campuses. Since they are culturally compatible to the university context they are engaging with, they would be potentially vibrant witnesses for Christ! You would work alongside them, equip them as leaders, mentor them on discipleship, and instill in them a passion for mission.


The IFES motto is to change the world one student at a time. As students are the leaders of tomorrow in business, hospitals, banks, governments, NGOs, churches, and much more, imagine your influence on the future of the country by engaging with GBU Benin. This is an exciting and very influential role. You will be a part of the GBU team, working under the General Secretary of GBU Benin. Being seconded from SIM will provide you with the support of the SIM Benin family. As part of your role you will also take part in GBU conferences (both for staff and students) and enjoy the Spiritual Life Conference that SIM provides each year.


Other Ministry Possibilities: Local church ministry, evangelism, technical or practical work, health care, counseling, computer skills, micro-finance, teaching French or English, children's ministry, etc., depending on your bent and training.

Future Plans: Our desire is that the missionary would train others to minister with him/her, eventually seeing them take over the ministry.

Organisation SIM Suisse
Typ Einsatz
Dauer bis 2 Jahre
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Afrika
Land/Länder Benin
Berufsfeld Bildung
Sprachkenntnisse French: fluent, english: basic
Anforderungen First degree required. Required training: Bible school. Recommended Experience: Prior student ministry would be a plus. Personality Issues/ Cultural Considerations:: This role requires an outgoing person who can engage others in conversat
Mindestalter 20
Finanzierung support team
Kontakt Malika Houmard
032 345 14 44