Pastoral Training Instructor in Zambia (Ref. L1312034)

To encourage pastors and church leaders towards godliness in character and daily living. To instruct them with a precise yet practical grasp of the truth of God’s Word.



  • Training pastors and lay-teachers by coaching them and strengthening their teaching abilities
  • Coordinate Pastor Resource Center (PRC) volunteers to maintain Christian pastoral resources, including books videos and other materials.
  • Research, order and distribute curriculum materials needed within the APC program
  • Assess the educational needs of pastors and assist the coordinator in setting goals for their training and development
  • Aid in the planning of ongoing educational programs, and short-term / one-time educational events
  • Maintain an annual calendar of guest speakers and guest lecturers
  • Assist with fundraising initiatives that generate support for pastoral training
  • Prepare for and lead 2 leadership triad pastor groups
  • Make monthly visits to the churches of APC student following a rota schedule
Organisation SMG Schweizerische Missions-Gemeinschaft
Typ Job
Dauer Langzeitjob
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Afrika
Land/Länder Sambia
Berufsfeld Gemeinde, Evangelisation
Sprachkenntnisse English is okay as most Zambians speak English, but this person will be encouraged to study vernacular language upon arrival.
Anforderungen QUALIFICATIONS: Seminary degree preferred, minimum equivalent of BA in Theology, 10 years pastoral experience, good organizational skills, speaks clearly and persuasively, listens and seeks clarification, strong facilitation and leadership skills
Mindestalter 30
Kosten CHF nach Absprache / monatlich
Finanzierung Selbstfinanzierung, persönlicher Freundeskreis
Kontakt Alexandra Ziegler
+41 (0) 52 235 32 52