Stock Manager in Hongkong (Ref. L1312041)

For our vibrant, innovative partner organisation, with a heart for the poor and seeking to connect need with resources globally we search a stock manager.


We have 200,000 square feet of warehousing in which we take quality goods from the public and private sectors and distribute them to people in need, locally and internationally. We ship to over 60 countries. We are in need of an experienced stock manager to oversee the stock processes, therefore enabling the right goods to get safely and promptly to those in need.


Some areas of focus include improving quality of data entry, encouraging live-time inventory entry, training of staff and implementation of new systems that will help us enter data and track stock and donors more efficiently (ie, bar coding, new labelling, etc).


The Stock Manager will also manage the yearly and interim stocktake, build reports and make recommendations regarding stock needs and storage solutions.

Organisation SMG Schweizerische Missions-Gemeinschaft
Typ Job
Dauer bis 2 Jahre
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Asien
Land/Länder Hongkong
Berufsfeld Transport
Sprachkenntnisse English
Anforderungen The applicant should be well organised, able to manage and lead others, able to multitask, have good administrative skills, and a heart to serve the poor.
Mindestalter 25
Kosten CHF 500 / monatlich
Finanzierung Selbstfinanzierung, persönlicher Freundeskreis
Kontakt Alexandra Ziegler
+41 (0) 52 235 32 52