ProNiñez Children’s Coordinator in Mexico (Ref. L1312047)

Job Summary

Grow and deepen the impact of ProNiñez – an integral kids initiative – on children by developing the project in such a way that it becomes a sustainable and reproducible model for impacting at-risk children in urban slums. The principal responsibilities of the Coordinator will be

  • Grow the ProNiñez project in both its quantitative as well as qualitative aspects
  • Identify, train, mentor and supervise local volunteers and children’s workers and in their personal and spiritual growth, including by integrating some of them into Comunidades de Shalom’s church planting efforts;
  • Ensure that the project makes a real impact in children and families, as seen in the growth of the program, consistency in participant attendance, deepening community ownership of the project and good relationships with local Schools
  • Develop and deepen relationships with families of children and develop and systematize the project in such a way that it can be reproduced in other areas and by other organizations.


Primary Focus Areas

  • Coordination and Management of ProNiñez

  • Training & Supervision

  • Creating Synergies
  • Organisation SMG Schweizerische Missions-Gemeinschaft
    Typ Job
    Dauer Langzeitjob
    Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
    Region(en) Mittelamerika
    Land/Länder Mexiko
    Berufsfeld Jugendarbeit/ Kinderbetreuung
    Sprachkenntnisse Fluency in both Spanish and English
    Anforderungen key competencies as outlined in the general applicant profile attached
    Mindestalter 25
    Kosten CHF nach Absprache / monatlich
    Finanzierung Selbstfinanzierung, persönlicher Freundeskreis
    Kontakt Alexandra Ziegler
    +41 (0) 52 235 32 52