Leben teilen mit Muslimen in Südostasien

You will join an existing team in one of our networks serving the people of this region, and use your existing gifts and skills to bring social and economic improvement to the lives of ordinary Muslims in their communities. As you do, you will help Muslims come to know the love of God through sharing your life, and Jesus’ life, with them.


You will live, study and work incarnationally among our beloved Muslim neighbors here in Southeast Asia. With this foundation you will be involved in sharing the love of Jesus and helping our neighbors understand who Jesus Christ truly is. We do not hide the way we worship God, as we want our neighbors to see that true followers of Jesus take their faith seriously. Reading the scriptures, fellowship and prayer are important elements.


Most of us live in large cities. Some are densely populated with a lot of traffic. Others have more the setting of suburbs. Muslims are very hospitable and there is usually some opportunity to visit their heartland, in the countryside.


Duration: 3 months - 2 years


More information: https://opportunities.omf.org/mission-asia/detail/Serve-and-Bless-Muslims-in-East-Asia/50353148

Organisation ÜMG/OMF Schweiz
Typ Job
Dauer bis 2 Jahre
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Asien, Islamische Welt
Berufsfeld Bildung
Sprachkenntnisse Englisch
Anforderungen Freude, eine neue Sprache zu lernen, oft ist ein Berufs- oder Studienabschluss nötig um ein Visum zu erhalten
Mindestalter 20
Kosten CHF 600 (ca.) exkl. Flugkosten / monatlich
Finanzierung Eigenfinanzierung plus Flugkosten
Kontakt Ermanno & Franzisca Vattolo
043 244 75 60