Nurse Educator PRF 7029

Note: Time of preparation before going: at least 4 month!


Position Information

Contribution to Strategy: SIM Niger’s 100+ missionaries serve in a wide variety of ministries in numberous locations across the country. The purpose of SIM Niger is to glorify God by planting, strengthening, and partnering with the Church in Niger. Galmi Hospital is one of the few places in this Muslim country where people have the chance to hear the Gospel and receive adequate medical care. Thus, the ministry of Galmi Hospital provides an open door to demonstrate the love of Christ in both word and deed.

Ministry: HT- Institutional Health Training, incl. Nurses' Training

Responsibilities: Excellence in nursing care is the key to a well-functioning hospital. All of our present nursing staff are Nigerien, trained through the national nursing educational system. Many of our Nigerien nurses serve in a broader scope of practice than their Western-trained peers, often administering treatment and serving as screener/triage nurses in more of a nurse practitioner role. Despite this, many of the routine nursing practices that are common in American or European hospitals are not taught, emphasized or maintained in practice.


The role of a missionary nurse educator would be to: 1. Mentor Nigerien nurses, teaching them new procedures, and how to maintain high quality standards of medical care. 2. Help nurses implement the practical aspects of what they have been taught in school, insuring best practices of currently utilized nursing skills. 3. Lead nurses in acquiring and implementing additional skills that are not currently being practiced, so that we can improve our standard of nursing care. 4. Serve as an integral part of the hospital's medical team 5. Develop a curriculum of advanced teaching and assessment that will further the nurses' knowledge and lead to advancement for them. 6. Give our nurses both formal teaching and practical training on the wards and in outpatient clinic. 7. Assist the Nigerien nurses in setting up a sustainable, ongoing teaching program. 8. Encourage and assist in setting and maintaining high medical standards within the hospital. 9. Investigate ways in which the hospital might better collaborate and partner with the local government health infrastructure. 10. In conjunction with the senior medical team, explore ways of improving patient care, improving medical practice, maintaining and improving quality assurance, and making the best use of facilities available. 11. Be involved in vision planning for the future of Galmi Hospital and its ministry to the community.


Ministry 2: HN- Nurse/Midwife/Anesthetist

Other Ministry Possibilities: Friendship evangelism, literacy, discipleship, Bible teaching, all under girded by the development of personal relationships. The two evangelical churches in Galmi town and others in nearby villages have Sunday worship services and weekly prayer meetings, youth activities, and women's fellowship groups. Evangelistic outings are also organized by local Christians to nearby villages.

Future Plans: One of the aims of a nurse educator would be to equip and train some of our present nursing staff to take on the role of training and educating the newer, less experienced nurses.

Organisation SIM Suisse
Typ Job
Dauer bis 2 Jahre
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Afrika, Islamische Welt
Land/Länder Niger
Berufsfeld Gesundheitswesen
Sprachkenntnisse French: competent, Haussa: basic (can be learnt on site)
Anforderungen Qualifications Professional License: Registered nurse, nursing degree First degree required. Advanced degree required. Required training: Nursing training essential. Recommended Experience: Several years of clinical nursing exper
Mindestalter 25
Finanzierung Cercle d'amis
Kontakt Malika Keiser
032 345 14 44