Building and Maintenance Supervisors PRF 7449

Position Information

Contribution to Strategy: SIM Niger's 100+ missionaries serve in a wide variety of ministries across the country. The purpose of SIM Niger is to glorify God by planting, strengthening, and partnering with the Church in Niger. At many locations where SIM missionaries work there is a need to build new structures, repair and maintain old ones, and to do general maintenance.

Ministry: SC- Construction & Maintenance

Responsibilities: Job responsibilites may include, but not be limited to: 1. Perform routine maintenance tasks 2. Supervise construction crews and work directly with local contractors 3. Manage the up-keep on generators, wall security, and buildings 4. Oversee the purchase of needed construction and maintenance supplies 5. Mentor and encourage hired construction and maintenance staff.


Complete job descriptions can be obtained from each location.


Ministry 2: SM- Management/Supervision

Other Ministry Possibilities: Friendship evangelism, discipleship, literacy, youth work, and Bible teaching are a few examples. We encourage reaching out to our M*m neighbors and discipling those we work with through building personal relationships.

Future Plans: The hired employees working in construction and maintenance are keen to learn better ways of doing things, but the quality of workmanship is not always up to code. Ideally at each location there will be those able to take on more and more responsibility.

Organisation SIM Suisse
Typ Einsatz
Dauer bis 2 Jahre
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Afrika, Islamische Welt
Land/Länder Niger
Berufsfeld Ingenieurs-wesen
Sprachkenntnisse french: basic, local languag: basic (will be learnt during the stay)
Anforderungen Qualifications Post secondary diploma. Professional License: Appropriate practical trade license Required training: Training in basic maintenance and construction; specific trade licenses would be helpful. Recommended Experience: Experie
Mindestalter 20
Finanzierung support group
Kontakt Malika Keiser
032 345 14 44