Literacy Coordinator



SIL Niger is in search of a networker and administrator who loves a challenge and can "think outside the box.” A new Ajami transition literacy program has recently been launched and there is currently no one filling this important position. Don't know what Ajami is? Write and find out! Niger is a country with one of the lowest literacy rates in the world so we need you. Literacy in Niger means partnership and creative strategies. It won't be easy, but there are new opportunities waiting to be explored! Knowledge of French is required.




- Maintaining detailed records of SIL Niger literacy plans and activities, disseminating necessary information in the form of periodic or special reports

- Encouraging staff and providing technical and practical input to ensure a smooth running of the programs

- Finding or developing creative new approaches for literacy training in field situations

- Assisting administration in literacy matters at all levels

- Monitoring developments in literacy and education in country

- Promoting literacy activities, programs, and strategy development

- Planning, coordinating, and/or participating in literacy workshops



Special skills needed: (Essential) Self-motivated personality. Excellent Christian Testimony.

(Desirable) Experience working in a cross-cultural context. Relevant experience and/or qualification.


Please note that this job is non-salaried, unless otherwise stated. A successful applicant will be required to raise his or her own financial support from interested friends, family and churches.

Organisation Wycliffe Schweiz
Typ Einsatz
Dauer bis 1 Jahr
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Afrika
Land/Länder Niger
Berufsfeld Bildung
Sprachkenntnisse Englisch und Französisch
Mindestalter 22
Finanzierung Spenden/Freundeskreis
Kontakt Sujeevan Kandasamy
032 342 76 83