Operations Coordinator

Coordinate operational activities for several locations in two different countries -- DRC and Kenya.

- Determine responsibilities of staff positions needed to accomplish operational objectives.

- Supervise operations staff (some of whom may be located at a different center) and ensure that they are aware of and comply with entity policies and procedures, as well as with government regulations.

- Develop, maintain, and refine operational plans to correspond with the needs of all entity strategies.

- Develop annual entity budget in cooperation with administrative and program department heads, and maintain and refine established standards and cost controls.

- Monitor funding needs and financial reports, and ensure that all established commitments are met.

- Perform administrative activities associated with the effective management of operations, including compiling, storing, and retrieving data for reports.


The specific responsibilities of this position may be adjusted, in consultation with your supervisor.


Special skills needed: (Essential) Self-motivated personality. Excellent Christian Testimony.

(Desirable) Experience working in a cross-cultural context. Relevant experience and/or qualification.


Please note that this job is non-salaried, unless otherwise stated. A successful applicant will be required to raise his or her own financial support from interested friends, family and churches.

Organisation Wycliffe Schweiz
Typ Job
Dauer Langzeitjob
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Afrika
Land/Länder Kongo (Dem. Rep.)
Berufsfeld Verwaltung
Sprachkenntnisse Englisch und Französisch
Mindestalter 22
Finanzierung Spenden/Freundeskreis
Kontakt Peter Wilburg
032 342 76 83