Support Services Manager

Besides linguists, translators and other language workers, we need competent, experienced people to help with management and administration. This particular position involves a variety of work including handling the day to day operation of the offices, overseeing employees and serving the needs of the members of our group. Skill in maintenance is an advantage as well as basic computer skills and a willingness to drive. Flexibility and a desire to serve is a must. If this appeals to you, please consider applying to be our next


Support Services Manager


Main Responsibilities


• Consults with administration and members to discuss and plan such matters as housing, office and maintenance priorities, operational procedures, security, expenditures, etc.

• Circulates information regarding operation of facilities, vehicles and equipment, and maintains such records as usage, inventories, expenses and rate allocations.

• Depending on staff availability, supervises or performs a wide range of tasks, including purchasing of materials and supplies, maintaining vehicles, buildings and equipment, and involvement in construction projects.

• Handles correspondence related to center services and operations, assisting in planning and execution of logistical arrangements for workshops, seminars and conferences.

• Develops and maintains good relationships with members, administration, officials and visitors, stimulating harmony.

• Circulates information regarding special events, activities, opportunities, or work in progress.

• Works comfortably in a cross-cultural situation, encouraging interaction between the center and the local community.

• May supervise or participate in related national training programs.

• May help coordinate larger construction projects involving outside workers.

• The specific responsibilities of the position may be adjusted depending on specific skill sets of applicant and in coordination with other support personnel.


Location: Solomon Islands, Pacific

Language: English

What you’ll need


• Personal relationship with Jesus Christ

• A church that stands behind you

• Team-mindset, resilience and ability to work without close supervision

• Two or more years work experience

• Bachelor’s degree or completed apprenticeship, with some work experience

• (Desirable) Experience or desire to work in an inter-cultural context


Minimum age: 18

Duration: 1 year or more


Feel free to contact us for an informal discussion about the possibilities. Our main goal is to help you find your place in God’s mission.

Organisation Wycliffe Schweiz
Typ Job
Dauer bis 2 Jahre
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Australien/ Ozeanien
Land/Länder Salomonen
Berufsfeld Verwaltung
Sprachkenntnisse Englisch
Mindestalter 18
Finanzierung Please note that, although we gladly help candidates build up their support base, this job is non-salaried. A successful applicant will be required to raise their own financial support from interested friends, family and churches. Some people choose to fu
Kontakt Peter Wilburg
032 342 76 83