Radio Ingenieur/Techniker

Do you feel led to use your engineering skills to help start radio stations around the world broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ?


Do you have:

- A degree in electrical engineering or related field.

- some years experience in radio.

- The technical knowledge and ability to install and maintain radio equipment.

- Above-average usability of Windows and Mac operating systems.

- The ability to communicate technical concepts in understandable, non-technical ways.

- Willingness to learn a local language.

- Determination to raise your own support or have the capacity to be self-funded.


If you love working on the technical side of things, using radio as a tool in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ on the mission field and starting new projects and stations, this is a perfect opportunity for you to become the voice of Jesus!

Organisation Reach Beyond
Typ Job
Dauer Langzeitjob
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Weltweit
Berufsfeld Ingenieurs-wesen
Sprachkenntnisse Gute Englischkenntnisse
Kontakt Hans Zollinger
044 920 09 94