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Contribution to Strategy:

SIM Malawi has targeted five areas of strategic priority for the field. Impacting the AIDS crisis is one of these priorities. Malawi is a country which is being devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Nearly 16% of adults is infected with the HIV virus; in the cities the rates are 25-40%. Over 70,000 people will die this year from AIDS, and more than that number will likely become infected. In its wake, the epidemic has orphaned over 400,000 children. This epidemic offers tremendous opportunities for the Gospel. What is lacking the most is a sense of “hope.” Of course, our ultimate hope is in Christ, through accepting what He has done for us on the cross. Genuine conversion provides the power for uninfected people to live holy lives and be spared the awful fate of HIV infection. Providing hope for treatment of HIV/AIDS has helped to break down the barriers that keep people from facing this epidemic and from finding out their own HIV status.


Ministry: HM- Physician, Various Specialties

Responsibilities: In order to impact the AIDS crisis in Malwi, additional physicians are needed to care for those infected with the HIV virus. Several of the regular medical staff will be away for the second half of 2010, increasing the need for medical doctors especially during that period of time. A ministry called Partners in Hope began in December 2001, first located at the ABC Community Clinic and beginning as a ministry specifically for the many HIV/AIDS patients there. In November 2005, the ministry relocated to a larger facility (called Partners in Hope Medical Centre--PIH) where the provision of high-quality HIV/AIDS care to adults and children has greatly expanded. We are currently providing HIV/AIDS treatment (including anti-retroviral medications--ARVs) to nearly 4,000 HIV+ patients in a “free clinic” setting. Our private general clinic also provides HIV/AIDS care to a sector of society that cannot risk being seen in an AIDS clinic because of fear of stigmatization/discrimination. This clinic will fill a need for AIDS care for workplace programs in the city and generate income to sustain both clinics' operational costs. Both clinics participate in operational research protocols. In addition to the two clinics, PIH includes an on-site center for HIV counseling and testing and several outreach HIV testing sites. PIH staff also conduct outreach clinics for the provision of HIV/AIDS care, including ARVs, in rural settings. A small in-patient facility (14 beds) cares for the sickest patients with low cost beds (less than $1/day) for our free HIV clinic patients and five private beds. The organization has several HIV prevention education programs in communities, schools, and churches with a strong emphasis on the Gospel and on abstinence. PIH also has a therapeutic feeding program which provides nutritional supplements to malnourished patients. Nutritional support and education is also provided through our on-site "demonstration garden." Partners in Hope is an SIM partner, organized as a Malawian local NGO with its own board of trustees. It currently has five ex-patriate physicians (4 being missionaries), 5 Malawian clinical officers, and a total of approximately 90 staff. A medical doctor is needed to provide direct patient care and to support/train Malawian clinicians and nurses at the clinic. Responsibilities will include: 1) Provide general medical and HIV/AIDS care in the private clinic and ward, 2) Provide care to registered HIV+ patients in the public AIDS clinic, 3) Support and train Malawian clinicians and nurses in general medical and HIV/AIDS care, 4) Participate in training of clinicians and nurses who come from other facilities for upgrading their skills in HIV/AIDS care, 5) Provide assistance to nurses in outreach programs (Home Based Care and ARV clinics), 6) Explore God's calling for a specific area of ministry, 7) Explore and develop opportunities for personal professional development.


Ministry 2: FH- HIV/AIDS Education

Other Ministry Possibilities: We would like the person in this position to help our staff design and implement outreach, Home Based Care and counseling/support services for people living with HIV, specifically targeting women. The person could work 60% time in clinic and 40% time in community/outreach/counseling activities that he/she would help create. He/she would also be asked to help us find funding for these activities, focusing on non-Malawian agencies that support women, women's rights and/or women living with HIV.

Future Plans: If an expatriate missionary is required to fill this position, what plans are there for a national to be trained and developed to take over this role in the future? PIH has a strong philosophy of working toward full nationalization. SIM staff roles will emphasize training and equipping of Malawians to have the skills to continue the ministry independently in the future.

Organisation SIM Suisse
Typ Job
Dauer Langzeitjob
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Afrika
Berufsfeld Gesundheitswesen
Sprachkenntnisse English Fluent Combination of methods Chichewa Basic Combination of methods $2500/couple, $2000/individual 6-12 months Comments: Proficiency in "medical Chichewa" to the point of being able to examine and treat patients at PIH without u
Anforderungen Qualifications Professional License: Doctor with appropriate specialty Advanced degree required. Required training: Formal Tropical Medicine training is very useful but not required. Knowledge of HIV/AIDS treatments, including ARVs, is als
Mindestalter 20
Finanzierung support group required
Kontakt Brigitte Pini
032 345 14 44