Psychologist or Counselor, (PRF Nr. 8985) Please mention if interested

Contribution to Strategy: Lily of the Valley exists to discover and nurture the true potential in each child and young adult. By raising our children in a safe, loving and Christ-centered environment, they are able to learn the skills and values they need to best achieve their true potential and become contributing members of society. The trained counselor or psychologist will contribute to the children's healthy development by addressing losses and trauma suffered early in life, and helping them to recognize their unique value and potential.

Ministry: PC- Counseling (Trained Counselors)

Responsibilities: To diagnose, treat, and support child survivors of trauma in orphanage, clinic, and school settings; help children and youth to resolve issues and move forward in an emotionally and spiritually positive way. Provide small group and individual counseling and therapy for children and young people recovering from abuse, abandonment, self-esteem, and identity issues. To help the children to see and understand themselves and their past in light of God's view of them as revealed in the gospel. To instruct and inform Lily staff on positive strategies for supporting children who have suffered abuse and abandonment, and to guide them in responding to, and preventing, crisis situations involving those children.

Ministry 2: DO- Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Other Ministry Possibilities: Supporting fellow staff members in dealing with stress, conflict resolution, and other challenges related to cross-culture and intervention ministry work. Community outreach counseling. Discipleship and mentoring of children, youth and adults.

Organisation SIM Suisse
Typ Job
Dauer Langzeitjob
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Afrika
Land/Länder Südafrika
Berufsfeld Gesundheitswesen
Sprachkenntnisse English: competent, Zulu, basic, can be learnt on site
Anforderungen Post secondary diploma. Professional License: Counselling Required training: Certified counselor or psychologist. Recommended Experience: Prior experience working with children, knowledge of HIV and AIDS, ability to work with special needs
Mindestalter 24
Kosten CHF Ask SIM CH / monatlich
Finanzierung support group required
Kontakt Brigitte Pini
032 345 14 44