Personnel Coordinator/ Member Care Worker PRF Nr. 9238, please mention if interested

Contribution to Strategy: Member Care involves treating enquirers, personnel and their families with love, care and respect. It involves consideration of their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs, throughout their term of service. The point of member care is to launch and sustain resilient individuals in successful ministry. The ultimate goal of this position is to support SIM Bangladesh's members as they work toward the vision of planting vibrant housechurches among the majority population.

Ministry: PP- Member Care


1) The Member Care Worker will be responsible for forming, equipping and leading a member care team able to serve the different teams on the Bangladesh field.

2) She/ he will be available for confidential discussions with team members and their immediate family members on issues including, but not limited to, marriage, singleness, serious illness, depression, loneliness, sexuality, care of aging parents, death and grief recovery, parenting, as well as any other personal problems.

3) She/he will provide short term and medium-term counselling for members

4) He/she will gather educational resources and training materials related to spiritual, emotional and social well-being

5) He/ She will be available for crisis intervention. on any emergency situation or need.

6) He/she will be available to advise and consult with the Director and General Personnel Co-ordinator

on the placement of workers and acceptance of new workers.

7) He/She will ensure that annual visits are made to each member on the field either by themselves or a member care team member.

8) She/he will provide a referral service and act as coordinator for specialized assistance to members and/or immediate family members with specific needs.

9) He/She will seek actively to network with such organisations and networks as are providing recognised member care training and facilities, both nationally and internationally and advise members/associates of these services.

10) He/She will be responsible for drawing up and/or providing consultation with regard to policies in relevant areas, e.g. child protection, crisis management and prevention, hostage-taking, etc.

Organisation SIM Suisse
Typ Einsatz
Dauer bis 2 Jahre
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Asien
Land/Länder Bangladesch
Berufsfeld Sozialarbeit
Sprachkenntnisse english: fluent, Bangla: competent, can be learnt on site
Anforderungen First degree required. Required training: Psychology, Social Work or Counselling degree. Recommended Experience: Counseling, psychology, or social work background or training would be preferred. Also some cross-cultural experience is helpful
Mindestalter 24
Kosten CHF Ask SIM CH / monatlich
Finanzierung support group required
Kontakt Malika Keiser
032 345 14 44