Join Sibanor clinic established by WEC and run

by the national church, providing primary

healthcare services including antenatal,

maternity, paediatric and adult medical care.


Share responsibility for the ward and care for

all the patients out-of-hours. You will be

allocated to either the general outpatient clinic

or the HIV clinic for routine clinic duties. Take

responsibility for teaching, maintaining clinical

standards in the clinic, and for developing the

clinic’s relationships with other healthcare

providers in the Gambia, and help maintain

relationships with the local community.


This role could be suitable for a short-term locum

or a long-term placement.

Organisation WEC International Schweiz
Typ Job
Dauer Langzeitjob
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Afrika, Islamische Welt
Land/Länder Gambia
Berufsfeld Gesundheitswesen
Sprachkenntnisse Englisch
Anforderungen Doctor with at least 2 years' post-grad experience as you will need to be independent when on-call. Flexibility and a willingness to try new things is essential. All Christian doctors post-F2 considered. F3 doctors particularly welcome. Experience as GP,
Mindestalter 25
Finanzierung Wir helfen dir im Aufbau eines Spenderkreises
Kontakt WEC-Einsatzteam
055 251 52 60