Urgent: Caterer and kitchen supervisor

Join our team!

We are looking for a full-time staff member to manage the preparations, cooking, purchasing, and other duties related to providing one meal each weekday throughout our school year for around 80 people.

All staff at Cornerstone do not receive a salary, but are considered supported missionaries. In other words, we trust God to provide for us through donations from our home churches, friends and supporters.

Cornerstone is an English-speaking Bible College for Mission Training in the Netherlands which is a work of WEC International. www.cornerstonecollege.eu

Our students come from all over the world, and from a variety of church backgrounds. They follow a one- or two-year course to prepare for long-term cross-cultural mission work.

We are seeking someone who:

• Loves Jesus Christ and wants to serve others

• Has experience in kitchen work (cooking and food preparation)

• Is ready to learn more as they serve

• Likes to live and work among others from diverse backgrounds

• Wants to get involved with those in our community for times of ministry and spiritual growth


Responsibilities of the caterer:


• Supervise all meals that the college provides.

• Develop a balanced menu.

• Purchase food, and be involved in purchasing new kitchen equipment.

• Oversee purchase and storage of bulk supplies for catering and household.

• Students and volunteers assist the Caterer in practical ways (cutting and preparing vegetables, shopping, tea & coffee preparation, wash up teams and dining room preparation).

• Train and supervise kitchen helpers.

• Maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in kitchen, cellar, wash up area, outside freezer and courtyard.


If this is of interest to you and you would like to learn more then please contact us through the following webpage: https://www.cornerstonecollege.eu/join-our-staff-or-volunteers/


Für nähere Informationen, wende dich an uns, wir geben gerne Auskunft. ;)

To see christ known, loved and worshipped by the unreached peoples of the world.


SID: 220421SA; kulturell, interkulturell, Gemeinschaft, Campus, Schule, Mission, Studenten, Uni, Cornerstone, Niederlande, multikulturelle Erfahrungen, Einsatz, Leben teilen, Community, Kommunikation, Gottes Reich bauen ganz praktisch

Organisation WEC International Schweiz
Typ Job
Dauer bis 2 Jahre
Zeitraum Datum nach Absprache
Region(en) Europa
Land/Länder Niederlande
Berufsfeld Gastgewerbe
Sprachkenntnisse English
Finanzierung Eigenfinanzierung/Hilfe beim Aufbau eines Spenderkreises
Kontakt WEC-Einsatzteam
055 251 52 60