Africa Trek

Der Einsatz findet auf Englisch statt, deshalb ist die Beschreibung auf Englisch. Bei Fragen melde dich ungeniert!


This is a Discipleship short term mission exposure with a cross cultural set up. Participants take a set route within countries in Southern Africa.


Africa Trek runs for three months at a time with Trekkies and Leaders learning and travelling together. Participants will be involved in diverse ministry experiences such as Preaching, Teaching Sunday School, showing the Jesus film, Community development involvement and any other practical ministry involvement prepared by the host country.


Spiritual formation – Will focus on participants spiritual growth through Bible Study, Individual quiet time and cooperate worship.


Ministry experience – exposure to ministry opportunities within the different communities of the country visited and a visit to major tourist sites.


Character formation – Through group interactions and culturally diverse exposure.


Participant profile:

- A Christian ready to step out of their comfort zone.

- Team player, Self-motivated and someone ready to share and learn new languages.

- Teachable and ready to experience God in this adventure.


Find more information here. (Application deadline: 12th of January 2024)

Organisation OM Schweiz
Typ Einsatz
Dauer bis 3 Monate
Zeitraum 04.02.2024 – 27.04.2024
Region(en) Afrika
Land/Länder Botswana
Berufsfeld Missionsreise
Sprachkenntnisse Englisch
Mindestalter 18
Finanzierung Einsatzkosten exkl. Reisekosten
Kontakt Andrea Rupp