Studentenarbeit in Tohoku, Japan

Opportunity Image: Hirosaki University Student Outreach, Tohoku

Help reach out to Japanese university and college students and connect them with churches and ministries in regional centers. Encourage and support church members and missionaries focused on bringing the Gospel to unchurched areas in the regional areas of Japan.


Over 34 million people, one quarter of the population of Japan lives in Regional Areas. These areas are made up of a regional center and surrounding towns, villages and rural areas. Many churches planted 50 years ago are now small and aging. There are many small towns without a local church and people have little if no contact with believers.


Provide ministry support to missionaries and local churches focused on reaching and sharing the Gospel with Japanese people. Your ministry will help widen a church or ministry’s network of relationships amongst students Your presence will help build a local church’s network of relationships and strengthen its witness and integrity in community.


Tohoku is a beautiful area. There are few international tourists and outside the Regional Centers many people are rice and apple farmers. People are looking for things to do so there are many opportunities to reach out to people through creative ways.


Duration: 1 - 12 months

Organisation ÜMG/OMF Schweiz
Type Engagement court-terme
Durée 1 mois
Dates Date selon entente
Région(s) Asie
Pays Japon
Catégorie Eglise, évangélisation
Compétences linguistiques gute Englischkenntnisse
Exigences Freude an Beziehungen zu Studenten zu knüpfen, Flexibilität,
Age minimum 22
Frais CHF Fr. 1200.- / mensuel
Financement Eigenfinanzierung, plus Flugkosten
Contact Ermanno & Franzisca Vattolo