Slumarbeit in Manila

Lebe unter den Armen in Manila, lerne von ihnen und sei eine Ermutigung für sie.


- What is it like to live among the urban poor?

- How do you have hope in the midst of poverty, disease and disaster?

- What is God doing among the urban poor?

- Could you encourage church workers among the poor?

- If you have a heart for the poor, why not come and join us?



- Work with the poor, befriend them, pray for them and learn all that God is doing among them.

- Depending on your skills, there are lots of ways that Bukang Liwayway could use you, for example in sports, music, medical, livelihood, with children and youth and in other areas.


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Organisation ÜMG/OMF Schweiz
Type Engagement court-terme
Durée jusqu'à 1 année
Dates Date selon entente
Région(s) Asie
Pays Philippines
Catégorie Entraide & développement
Compétences linguistiques Englisch
Exigences Liebe zu Gott und den Armen, Zusammenarbeit mit Filipinos, Flexibilität, Lernbereitschaft
Age minimum 20
Frais CHF ca. Fr. 500.- / mensuel
Financement Eigenfinazierung plus Flugkosten
Contact Ermanno & Franzisca Vattolo
043 244 75 60